Thursday, 20 August 2009

Helping at a beer festival

Working at a beer festival can be good fun. You can try different beers in moderation, meet different people among both staff and customers, and help popularise real ale at the same time. Beer festivals are sociable places where there is rarely any trouble, despite the numbers of drinkers, because people are generally there to enjoy different beers, not to get plastered.

The Sandgrounder beer festival takes place in Southport Arts Centre from 10th to 12th September, and although a lot of people have volunteered, more help would be very welcome. For insurance reasons, only CAMRA members can work there. There is a variety of tasks; contact the staffing officer Mike Perkins at to discuss what you can do to help, as there's more to running a beer festival than just pulling pints. If you wish to volunteer, fill in a staffing form and e-mail it to Mike. Even if you can help for only one session, that will be useful.

Go on ~ do something different.

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