Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wetherspoons Music Sessions?

Yesterday evening I was in the Sir Henry Segrave (Wetherspoons) at the Meet The Brewer session; it was Moorhouses - very interesting.  I ended up chatting to one of the pub managers there.  He expressed an interest in having a music night in the pub on a Wednesday evening.  It turned out he wasn't thinking of amplified music, which is good as I'm not prepared to lug my PA around for nothing, just some kind of singalong or singaround session.  I said that, in view of other regular singarounds in the town centre (the Mason's and the Guest House), the best would probably be on the last Wednesday of the month.  That way it would always be in a separate week from the others.

It's an interesting idea, as I haven't heard of a Wetherspoons doing such a thing before, but with this pub being so much better nowadays in terms of beer range and quality than previously, there might be some interest in doing it.  I think they need to check the terms of their licence first, but if that's okay, we might as well give it a go.  We'll see ~ I'll post any developments here.

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