Friday, 8 January 2010

Rock & roll panto

Yesterday I went on the skating rinks that used to be pavements to Liverpool for the annual rock & roll panto in the Everyman Theatre.  I first met several friends in the Everyman Bistro for drinks and something to eat.  The Bistro is well known for its food and my veg curry was very tasty, although mild in curry terms.  The Thornbridge Jaipur IPA (5.9%) was a bit of a disappointment:  my pint wasn't actually off but was certainly too bitter for an IPA.  It went off shortly afterwards, which may explain it.  The beer is usually good in the Everyman.

The panto was wonderful, specially written for the Everyman, with dozens of pop and rock & roll songs from the 50s to the present day, audience participation, cheers, boos and hisses, and water sprayed around the auditorium.  There was even an appearance by Geoff Tracey out of Thunderbirds.  It seems strange nowadays that Dick Whittington's reward is to be Mayor of London, although he does get the girl as well.  I can't imagine Boris saving the world in such style.  The music is performed and sung by the cast who displayed an impressive range of musicianship ~ some good voices too.  The encore was the four women in the cast singing a great version of Lady Marmalade, but it was all good.  The reactions of the children to what was going on were fun; one little voice called out 'Hello' to Dick Whittington as he entered stage right.  The whole thing was highly energetic and full of music, jokes and laughter.

After the panto, we slithered down the hill towards the Globe by Central Station, only to find it closed, so we went into the Richard John Blackler (Wetherspoons) around the corner, where I had a Cotleigh Buzzard but everyone else opted for the Abbot Ale.  The pub was a bit cold and almost empty, so we drank up to get the train home.  But all in all, a great evening.


  1. Yes, I wondered if the 'subtle' lyric to Lady Marmalade was exactly the thing young persons should be hearing! Still the refrain would help their french pronunciation!!!!

  2. The same thought crossed my mind at the time but, as you say, educational.

  3. I was the guy who got sprayed in the crotch by the superwaterpistoltouting dame. The purple towel I was passed to dry myself up with looked well used.

    And I was then forced to dance along with the cast to a packed house in the second half.

    All in all a cracking night and as for Dick's cat, well, I certainly WOULD!

  4. Yes, I did hear about the drenching! I thought for a moment I was going to be the target when we went, but it was not to be.

    And as for Dick's cat ~ well, she could cure my cat allergy any day.


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