Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winter Ale Festival on TV!

This 3 minute 50 second news item is from Channel M, a local TV station in the Manchester area, which sent reporter Rachel Eggleston to the National Winter Ale Festival in Manchester. I was there last Thursday and had a great time. I think it gives a good idea of what it was like. You can see how well attended it was and how plush the venue is. Unfortunately it can't show how good the beer was ~ you had to be there.

P.S. I was going to do a posting on the festival, but why reinvent the wheel?  If you're interested, this one by Tandleman, one of the organisers, chimes in with my experience and says it all really.


  1. By the way. My piece was shot twice, edited and though fine, isn't exactly a straight piece. EG. they have edited the bit about colour and barley, omitting the word malted and other stuff.

  2. TM: reading that, I was just going to put "so good they shot him twice", but that doesn't quite come out right, does it?

  3. Poor lass. Hundreds of beers to choose from and they give her Lees and Boggart to try.

  4. It was obviously Tandleman who chose the beers there! But she did like the ginger.

  5. She asked for local beers and that's what she got. She liked them, so well done me.

    PS - Didn't see Tyson there at all. Shome mishtake surely?

  6. Yes, I think we all could see the hand of TM in choosing the beers. A clever ploy to choose Boggart-probaby chosen sorely to make the Lees appear reasonable!

    Alas, this was the first year since the NWAF came to Manchester that I've been unable to attend. Typical that it would prove to be such a good one and looks like proving the sceptics wrong.

  7. Seems since they moved location, Boggart beers - this was Cascade - are becoming drinkable. Who'd a Thowt it?

  8. I was a bit surprised to see my own comment above at 00:19. I must have done it after I got home from the pub crawl last night.

    I haven't seen Boggart beers around here for ages; my local the Guest House sometimes used to put them on. Perhaps the installation of brulines last year by S&N prevents it.


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