Saturday 3 July 2010

You can't hide your Lion eyes ...

The glass dome in the Lion
This Thursday sees the first of the free monthly singarounds in the Lion Tavern, Moorfields in Liverpool. The idea was mooted when I went into the Lion a couple of months ago for a pint and saw Sean, who used to be involved in the Mason's pub in Southport; he asked whether there could be a singaround similar to that in the Mason's. I thought, "Why not?" and as it's just across the road from Moorfields railway station, getting there is easy.

Assuming anyone turns up, the format will be simply to go around the room and ask whether people want to perform. There's no PA, and no room for drum kits, so it's about as basic and unthreatening a venue you can get outside your bedroom. Just bring your acoustic instruments along, or just yourself if you sing unaccompanied, but performing is not compulsory.
The original Lion steam engine,
after which the pub is named.

The Lion is noted for its choice of well-kept real ales and fine architecture, and so will be great, if rather cosy, venue for an informal singaround, which will run approximately between 8.00 and 11.00 p.m.

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