Thursday, 9 September 2010

Beer Festival Music

Quite a few people have asked me whether there will be music at the Sandgrounder Beer Festival, as there has been some disappointment in recent years that, apart from me playing, there hasn't been any. This was due to the surcharge imposed by the Arts Centre for live bands, although they didn't charge extra for just me and my guitar. There will be some live music on Saturday (Thursday and Friday are still there for those real ale drinkers whose taste buds don't seem to work if there's music in the background!).

Saturday afternoon: me! Just me and my guitar with songs from the 1950s onwards, mostly covers, but with a few originals in the mix. A couple of CDs by the band I play in, the Lunchtime Legends, will be on sale.

Saturday evening: Gallimaufry, a local band which plays a range of music from folk dance tunes to traditional and contemporary songs, with the odd bit of jazz and classical thrown in for good measure. And, yes, that is a double bass in the picture, and he certainly knows how to play it.

Here is the list of beers and other drinks that will be on. I hope to see you there.


  1. There is a great difference between as you put it, "music in the background" (which you used to provide in the Arts Centre) and a band playing at full volume which makes normal conversation impossible. I may well be on my own on this one, but if I want to listen to loud music I will go to a Gig. If I want to sample new beers and chat with friends I go to a beer festival. Pernonally I don't think the two mix!

  2. Well, I actually tend to agree with you. I'll be doing the same as before, and Gallimaufry, whom I know personally, won't dominate the room when they're on either. My sarcastic comment was aimed at those who complain about ANY music. The Branch has had the odd complaint about the fact that I was playing at all, but these few complaints were far outweighed by those who were positive.

    The advantage this time is that there will be two rooms, so if you don't like music while you sup, you can go into the other room.


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