Thursday 2 September 2010

Phil Ochs Song Night

This Friday in the fine surroundings of the View 2 Gallery, Mathew Street, Liverpool, there will be a night of songs of war and peace in honour of Phil Ochs, a protest singer songwriter who died in 1976, aged just 35. His songs have been covered by dozens of singers, including Joan Baez, Tom Paxton, Nanci Griffith and Billy Bragg. The singers in View 2 will include Al Baker, Benjamin Stead and Jules Grey.

Friday 3rd September at 7.30 p.m. All proceeds to Merseyside CND.
Please note: it's on the 4th floor and there is no disabled access.

Bottled ales only in the venue, but good cask ale pubs
(Grapes and White Star) just a minute's walk away.

Unfortunately I'll miss it as I had previously agreed to play somewhere else.


  1. Sounds good. Shame I can't make it as Phil Ochs is one of my all time favourites. Nanci Griffith's "Radio Fragile" is a great song about a great songwriter.

  2. I've seen Nanci Griffith but I don't know that song. It's not on YouTube, so I'll look out for it.

  3. This doesn't interest me in the slightest - though a fascinating scribble-up as ever by CAMRA's #1 branch mag editor.

    More intriguing was the teaser about you playing elsewhere. Where, Mr RedNev, will you be jiving tomorrow?

  4. People where I used to work have arranged a barge trip and have asked me to join them with my guitar. So the answer is: on the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

  5. Damn, too late. Just seen your post. Didnt' read anything else about it. Have always been a big Phil Ochs fan and used to sing some of his songs when I did the folk clubs years ago. Great talent and a great songwriter.

  6. I used to do a couple of his songs too, including "There But For Fortune".

  7. There will be another Phil ochs Song night in 2011! As I hope there will be every year until I die.

    Look out for posters later in the year in News From Nowhere and the like.

  8. Thanks for that. I'll keep an eye out for it, and advertise it on this blog.

  9. The song night didn't work out in 2011, but there will be one in April next year, almost certainly! Hope you'll be able to make it. Even have a sing if you fancy it! Huw


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