Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Free beer

I've just received an e-mail telling me that I've won a free pint in Ember Inns' NovEmber Beer Festival. I simply print off the voucher in the e-mail. I wonder what's to stop me printing a dozen vouchers?  These are the beers on offer:
  • Thornbridge Wild Swan white gold pale ale 3.5%
  • Stonehenge Old Smokey malty and dark 5%
  • Project Green - the freshest beer in the land 4.5%
  • Davenport's Fox's Nob deep copper ale 4.4%
  • St. Austell Black Prince fruity black mild 4%
  • Brewdog Trashy Blonde statuesque fruity ale 4.1%
  • Copper Dragon Black Gold a 19th century recipe, 3.7%
  • Liberation Ale all the way from Jersey, 4.0%
  • Fraoch Heather Ale, with real heather, 5%
  • Alton's Pride, Champion at the Great British Beer Festival 3.8%
  • Wolf Brewery Granny Wouldn't Like It, fruity and dark red, 4.8%
  • Rampant Gryphon, sip gently, 6.2%!
It looks a rather good selection. My nearest Ember Inn is the Railway, 7 miles away in Formby. I'll hop off the train next time I go to Liverpool.


  1. I'll have to pop into a Ember Inns down here, didn't realise they have festivals.

  2. More details here,if you want to know more.


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