Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Brewdog Punk IPA

Considering all the fuss that's made about Scottish brewery BrewDog (much of it by themselves), I bought a bottle of Punk IPA, currently in Tesco's for £1.39. The label describes it as a post modern classic pale ale; I've never really been sure exactly what post-modern means, and I'm even less sure how a beer can be post-modern. Still, the label goes on to say:

This is not a lowest common denominator beer. This is an aggressive beer. We don’t care if you don’t like it. We do not merely aspire to the proclaimed heady heights of conformity through neutrality and blandness. It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or the sophistication to appreciate the depth, character and quality of this premium craft-brewed beer. You probably don’t even care that this rebellious little beer contains no preservatives or additives and only the finest fresh natural ingredients. Just go back to drinking your mass-produced, bland, cheaply made, watered down lager and close the door behind you.

Amusing tongue in cheek arrogance, except this brewery's style of self-publicity is becoming slightly irritating (I have written about BrewDog previously - see the posts here).  The beer is 6%, full-flavoured and extremely hoppy, and kept its head right to the bottom. I enjoyed it, but perhaps just for a change rather than all night. Immediately afterwards I went to the Guest House where they had Liverpool Organic Brewery Liverpool Pale Ale (4%), an excellent pint that tasted to me like a rather more subdued version of the Punk IPA - there was definitely a stylistic similarity. I decided to stay on this beer, but found it had run out. Adnams tasted rather ordinary afterwards.


  1. When I was enjoying my unexpected 6X in Aberdeen two weeks ago (a quick unashamed plug - see )
    Somebody pointed out a pub with new local brew which was building quite a reputation - indeed I think it might have been Brewdog. If I get off the boat on time i.e. tomorrow, I may pop round and investigate as I'll be in Aberdeen for the night.

  2. I just went and had a bottle of Tesco American Pale Ale. Double hopped and brewed by BrewDog.

    I remember eating scallops in France about 6 years ago. I later brought the crustacean back up.

    Six years on, my tastebuds remembered.

    I don't recall the Punk IPA being much better.

  3. If you have to drink bottled beer you could do a lot worse than drink Punk IPA. I think it's a wonderful brew.


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