Sunday, 10 July 2011

Brick for sale

An e-mail early last week tipped me off that the Scarisbrick Hotel on Lord Street in Southport might be going into administration as some creditors, including brewers, were having difficulty getting their money, then on Thursday the local press announced that the hotel is up for sale (it's going for £3,250,000, if you want to dip into your pension pot).  The speculation in the press is that this privately-owned hotel will bought by a hotel chain, but it's not the only town centre hotel on the market:  the Bold Hotel further down Lord Street is up for sale too, so it's probably not a good time for selling such a business.  This suggests that the sale is a result of necessity, perhaps forced by the possible administration, rather than preference.  If so, I wish the creditors good luck.

This raises two questions for real ale lovers in the area:
1.  What will happen to the hotel's Baron's Bar, one of the best real ale outlets in Southport?
2.  What will happen about the CAMRA Beer Festival which is due to take place in the hotel in September?

I don't know the answers, but I'll post news here as I find it out myself.


  1. Sad news that. I've only been the Baron's Bar once, about 15 years ago, but I do recall it as a congenial and characterful place to drink.

  2. I believe the Brick is still just about making a profit... although takings are down 70% since the previous GM passed away and the bar manager left. Will be interesting to see a large chain take it over - its a prime location but difficult to standardise. Just hope the Flag and Turret stays on!!!

  3. Sad news if this is true. My dad introduced me to the Baron's Bar more years ago than I can recall. I can't see a big hotel chain getting rid of somewhere like the Baron's, but the beer range might drop or even by swapped for "national" brands.


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