Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Higsionary - pt 1

Clive Pownceby has scanned some of his precious Higsionaries for me.  These were produced by the old Higson's Brewery of Liverpool, which always had the knack of producing funny, local adverts. 

All good fun ~ click on the Higsionary so you can read it more easily.  More to come!

My thanks to Clive.


  1. What date were those approximately? Were they before or after the "Old Higsonians"?

    Interesting that the beer is always depicted in a dimpled tankard...

  2. If I remember correctly, these came first.

  3. Yes before the Higsonians but some were certainly in beermat form.I've got 5 of them, only one of which you feature. The dalek!

  4. Clive Pownceby29 July 2011 at 11:33

    I've also come across an old VHS tape entitled 'Higsons Takes The Lid Off.' It details the action-packed Promotions Programme for 1989 and the tag line is "bringing out the best in Merseyside." I'm happy to loan this out to anyone who'd like to make a DVD copy. I think this was an in-house giveaway for licensees - one of the features is a reward for 'building the business' (ugh, takes me back to my days driven by targets and sales!) Part of the incentives programme was 10 pairs of tickets for Haydock Races Champagne racing days!
    Another collectors' item from the vast archive here at Pownceby Gables!


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