Monday, 18 July 2011

Safe as a Brick

The Southport Swords
dancing in the Baron's Bar.
I understand that the Scarisbrick Hotel, home of the Baron's real ale bar and the Southport CAMRA beer festival in September, has been taken over by Britannia Hotels.  It's a pity that a another privately-owned hotel has been taken over by a chain, but it's better than it closing, I suppose.  The local CAMRA branch are confident that the Baron's Bar, one of the top three real ale venues in town, isn't at risk, and they don't see any threat to our beer festival either.  Well, let's hope they're right. 

Link to Baron's Bar here and to the beer festival here.

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  1. Nothing wrong with a chain of hotels as long as they aren't run on a "one size fits all" management method. It's important that hotels and pubs have their own personality, and that has to come from the manager or licensee onsite rather than from an imposed corporate "design".


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