Monday 17 October 2011

Australian bouncers

Good old Oz.  They've come up with a novel solution to injuries caused by drunken falls:  rubber pavements.  They were originally installed to reduce the clanking noise caused by beer kegs and help keep them free from dents, when it was found they also cushioned the falls of boozers as they hit the ground.  As a result many bars and clubs have begun replacing their concrete floors, especially around dance floors where drunken wannabe John Travoltas are most likely to come a cropper.  A1 Rubber, a company that instals these floors, made from recycled tyres, has seen a 35% rise in business in the last 6 years.

Some people insist they don't solve the problems caused by excessive drinking, but one 22-year old Australian drinker doesn't give a XXXX for that, saying that the rubber sidewalks outside the his local were a much better option than "cracking my head on the kerb."  He's right, you know.  Full article here.

Thanks to Dave Thackeray who posted the link on Facebook.

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