Thursday 22 November 2012

Dan McKinnon this Sunday

I first saw the next Bothy guest at the Moor and Coast Festival in Whitby a few years ago. Listening to his singing, I said to my companion that I judged by his accent that he was Canadian. I was ridiculously pleased when I found I was right, although my companion just accused me of reading the programme, but I hadn't. I was very impressed by him on that occasion, and when I've seen him since. Here's what some other people think:

Nova Scotian singer/songwriter Dan McKinnon hails from a region steeped in traditions shaped by the influence of the North Atlantic. He has a beguiling ability to temper past and present in songs that revel in gentle melody and deeply reflective narratives. His austere guitar style and sense of musical immediacy blend seamlessly with his warm baritone voice to make him “one of the most engaging and genuine performers on the scene.” David Kidman, The Living Tradition, September/October 2006.

“The beauty of McKinnon’s voice is arresting … Its richness, timbre and certainty enthral the listener.” Rich Warren, Sing Out! Spring 2006.

See him at 8pm this Sunday at the Bothy Folk Club, Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS. The venue serves Thwaites real ale, and the music begins at 8.00 p.m. Click for on-line tickets. 

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