Saturday, 3 November 2012

Festival aftermath

The Argarmeles Clog
The Sandgrounder (Southport) beer festival seemed to be very popular. There were lots of positive comments about the venue, used by CAMRA for the first time. The festival received good press coverage both before and afterwards.  As most of the beer was sold, it should have turned a good profit, which will be used by CAMRA for further campaigning, not for lining the pockets of the volunteers! The winning Beer of the Festival, voted by festival goers, was Lytham Berry Blonde, which will mean a helpers' trip to Lytham Brewery, probably in March next year.

The Southport Swords
Local folk dance sides, the Argarmeles and the Southport Swords, along with some singers and musicians, entertained the drinkers on Saturday afternoon. It all seemed to go rather well. You can find more pictures here on the On The Spot local news website.

Will we be back in this venue next year when the Arts Centre, our venue for the first ten years of the festival, should have reopened? I'm not sure, as I've no idea what the council will charge for their newly refurbished premises, especially in the current climate of local authority cutbacks. I'm sure they'll be tempted to hike up the price, but if they do, CAMRA won't be able to afford it. Personally, I liked this venue, but it's not my decision: we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Thank you for the great festival.
    It was nice to be there and meet you and your friends.
    See you soon and all the best to all of you.

    Harri - the real ale hunter from Finland

  2. Hi Harri. I'm glad you enjoyed the festival, and it was good to meet you too. If you're in the area again, we'll go for a pint. Cheers!

  3. Did you get my beer festival photos?



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