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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mad Hatter Beer Festival

This looks as though it might be fun:

The Mad Hatter Brewing Company is Liverpool's newest microbrewery, so new that I've yet to try their beers. The nearest station to this festival is Aigburth on the Northern Line. You can get tickets here.


  1. ive tried 6 different ones nev id honestly put them on par with marble theyre that good
    regards, critch

  2. Hi just came across this, thanks for mentioning the beer fest, RedNev , and glad you like the beers, Critch.

    If you want to try our beer, we try to keep our facebook page (search for Mad Hatter Brewery on facebook) up to date with where our beer is on.

    Hope to see you at the festival.


    Head Brewer
    Mad Hatter Brewing Company

  3. Cheers, Gareth. I'm hoping to visit the beer festival.


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