Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MrsAckroyd ~ unashamedly barking

MrsAckroyd are playing at the Bothy this Friday 24 May, presenting a performance of dubious sanity and featuring the poems of Les Barker put to music by the acclaimed talents of (IAO) Chris Harvey, Hilary Spencer and Alison Younger, all veterans of many varied groups and duos on the acoustic music scene over the years: 

“Despite the absence of Les Barker his strange imagination still soars to musical heights through the stunning voices of Alison Younger and Hilary Spencer and the keyboard wizardry of Chris Harvey. Alison, Hilary and Chris musically recreate the weird and wonderful world of the internationally acclaimed poet,
MRSA - no known antidote
philosopher, photographer and fruitcake and continue to perform the marvellous nonsense that is MRSACKROYD. A remarkable trio of musicians that will delight and entertain you. Funny, witty, thoughtful, emotional - but always brilliant!” Cleckheaton Folk Festival.

“What a privilege to witness the inaugural gig of MrsAckroyd. We were treated to a feast of great singing, expert accompaniment and of course humour both subtle and zany. Alison, Hilary and Chris have a gift of communicating with the audience which guarantees an evening of total enjoyment.” Croydon Folk Club.

"If you thought Mrs Ackroyd without the physical presence of Les Barker was unthinkable, then think again! They had the audience in fits of laughter throughout and it's really refreshing to find an act that is not only "different" but one that oozes quality and really communicates with its audience. Of course, this doesn't just "happen" but is underpinned (to be serious for just a second!) by the brilliance of Les's lyrics, the superb vocal skills and comedic timing of Hilary Spencer and Alison Younger and the fine musicianship of Chris Harvey. A rare treat." Folk On The Moor, Ivybridge, Devon.

It starts at 8.oo p.m. at the Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS. Click for on-line tickets.

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