Thursday, 12 September 2013

Zetland real ale festival and loyalty card

Please note: since posting this, I've learnt the dates have changed. I'll provide the correct dates when I'm told them myself.
The Zetland Hotel on Zetland Street is a large local in a residential area in Southport, well-known locally for its popular bowling green. It's also a real ale pub and will be holding a Guest Ale Festival between 27 September and 6 October. The beers available will include:
  • The Kite Brewery - Bluestone Bitter 4%
  • Upham Brewery - Punter 4%
  • Adnams - Topaz Gold 4%
  • Titanic Brewery - Iceberg 4.1%
  • Daniel Thwaites - Lancaster Bomber 4.4%
  • Wadworth & Co - Farmer's Glory 4.7%
  • Castle Rock - Elsie Mo 4.7%
  • Cotleigh Brewery - Osprey 5%
The Zetland Hotel
(picture pinched from Marstons website)
And here's a promotional idea I haven't come across before. From the 2 October, they are setting up a Cask Ale Collectors Club on Wednesdays from 8.30pm. Club members must collect 2 stamps (1 stamp per pint of cask ale) in person every Wednesday for a minimum of 46 weeks to qualify for a free trip to the Jennings brewery organised by the pub. In January, April & July, members will receive a free gift if they have accrued enough stamps during the previous 3 months. Members will also be able to vote for their preferred cask ales for the following month.

It's certainly a novel idea; I hope it works.

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