Sunday 27 October 2013

Stepping up to the mike

They move the pool table for the open mike
I was in the Upsteps in Birkdale on Tuesday for the open mike night run by Sue Raymond. There were some good acts on. One singer-guitarist was excellent, playing old-style rock & roll and blues. I was very impressed, and I overheard him being asked at the bar later, "My friend says you used to in the Real Thing. Is it true?" His reply was "Yes, but it was a long time ago." I can believe it, and I was glad I wasn't going on immediately after him. When I did go on, I gave in to requests to do some Buddy Holly, even though I'd intended to do something more modern (i.e. from the 1970s).

The pub usually has one real ale on from Caledonian. Recently it's been XPA; I'm not a great lover of Caledonian beers, but this wasn't too bad at all.

The open mike night is every Tuesday evening in the back room. I'll continue going, even if that guitar whizz keeps on turning up! I'm not jealous, not at all.

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