Friday 22 November 2013

More real ales at the Mount

The Mount Pleasant
Jo the licensee at the Mount Pleasant on Manchester Road, Southport, has e-mailed me to say that they now have three handpumps installed and there are two changing real ales in addition to the - until now - sole real ale, Sharps Doom Bar. At the time Jo contacted me, the guests on sale were Hobgoblin and Blonde Ambition. Sharps will remain the fixed real ale.

This is a pleasing development in a pub that at the beginning of this year sold only the Tetley's. When Doom Bar replaced it in February, cask sales went up, which supports my long-held view that Tetley's is nowadays a very poor product, not half the beer it used to be.

The Mount is a large, well-maintained pub in a residential area close to the town centre, known for good food, showing films (it was The Great Gatsby yesterday), live music on Saturday evenings, plus quiz, poker and karaoke nights. It also has a nice conservatory to one side, a separate bar area and a function room upstairs. Increasingly worth a visit by real ale drinkers.

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