Friday, 10 July 2015

Yet another micropub application!

Further to my post last week about a new micropub in Hillside, I've just read that planning permission is being sought for a new real ale bar on Lord Street, Southport. It would supply real ales and beers, tea, coffee and light refreshments to eat in or take away in what is currently Molloy's furniture shop. They have also applied for outside seating in front of the shop, like quite a few other pubs, bars and cafés along the street.

If this and the Hillside proposal are granted permission, the number of micropubs in Southport would increase to five: three in the town centre, the new one in Hillside and one in nearby Birkdale village. I'm wondering whether this reflects what is happening elsewhere in the country, or is Southport something of an exception? Is there a micropub bandwagon effect building up here? I'm also wondering whether any of these people might have considered a pub tenancy if what was offered by the main pub companies wasn't so exploitative, or are these people drawn specifically to this kind of small business?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but would be interested to hear what is happening elsewhere.


  1. Martin, Cambridge10 July 2015 at 16:32

    Lucky Southport, particularly if you are able to get into the centre easily.

    Random thoughts - there are probably quite a lot of smaller shop units along/near Lord St at reasonable rates, some entrepreneurial spirit, and enough beer enthusiasm to give it a go. Your point about traditional pub tenancies may also be true.

    It appears that, rather than there being a fixed pool of custom, one success (Inn Beer Shop) breeds more. Curmudgeon will no doubt report on a similar phenomenon in Stockport.

  2. I am pleased to confirm that our micropub application in Hillside has been successful. We are hoping to get the work completed and the pub open in time for the Southport beer festival.

    We plan to call the pub the Grasshopper (it is a former Martin's Bank branch) and will serve 4 real ales from local microbreweries and perhaps a craft lager and a real cider.

    In more good news for real ale drinkers, the café bar around the corner has also been approved and they say that will serve at least two real ales from regional brewers.

    We are hoping that Hillside parade will become an oasis for real ale drinkers who previously only had the family friendly Crown gastro-pub locally.


    1. Congratulations, Andrew! I look forward to visiting and writing a review for this blog, and perhaps the Visiter, once you're open.


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