Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Support music venues against NIMBYs

Every so often, you hear about people moving into a neighbourhood, only to begin complaining about something already well established in the area, whether it be church bells, a factory, a music venue or, in the case of Southport, the planes from RAF Woodvale which has been there since the Second World War. I  wrote about this in July last year.

Music venues are particularly at risk from complaints by new neighbours. While I appreciate that music in pubs might not be everyone's cup of tea, to complain about something that has existed before you moved into an area is quite selfish, and has sometimes caused long-standing music venues to stop presenting music or to close down altogether. Surely it makes more sense to check out an area before committing yourself to moving there?

Here is a petition to Parliament on the subject.


  1. You've got to have sympathy for them though eh?

    They move into a nice new house and some beardie real ale drinking folk music group with no consideration punt up in the local pub making a god awful racket like a cat being murdered by repeatedly smashed with a metal bin lid. Anyone would complain.

    1. As they (almost) say, beauty is in the ear of the beer holder.

    2. yeh, but you wouldn't like that almighty din when you're trying to chill in front of the telly with a nice shiraz.


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