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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rockabye Sweet Baby James

I went to see James Taylor in the O2 on Monday. It was a brilliant night, he had a great band with wonderful backing singers, his voice as mellow as ever, and he showed a sense of humour that seemed slightly English on occasion. I also found out at last, after 35 years, what the song 'Sweet Baby James' is about. He played all the well-known songs his fans would expect, along with a selection of more recent material, including a pleasing cover of the old Jimmy Webb song, "Wichita Lineman", a song which, although I'm no country fan, I've always liked.

No real ale of course, as you'd expect. A bottle of Becks was £4 (I'm sure I could get a box of 12 for that in ASDA, not that I would ever want to) and the very cheapest wine was £17.50 a bottle ~ it looked like £3.99 supermarket plonk to me. So, I didn't bother with a drink, which improved my evening tremendously as I would have begrudged drinking disgusting booze at astronomical prices.

Once I had successfully ignored the bar, I had a great evening.


  1. A great night without beer? I suppose theoretically it may be possible

  2. When I went to see AC/DC there in April they had had people with beer containers on their back dispensing some godforsaken lager from a tap via a flexible hose. I did'nt partake either.

  3. Yes, there are times when you have to just say no...

  4. Are you going to share the secret of "Sweet Baby James"?

  5. I always thought the song was somehow about James Taylor himself. He explained that it was written for his then new- born nephew, named James after him, hence "sweet baby James". He also decided to have a sort of singing cowboy feel to the song, like Gene Autrey or Roy Rogers, which explains the verses. Quite simple really, once you know.

  6. Just say no to beer?! Yes I prefer cask but I'll never say no to a free beer orca beer in the right setting . Keg and AC/DC go together. If I'd been here I'd of guzzled it

  7. Thanks for that. I could never quite square the "sweet baby" lyric with the rest of the song, but as you say, armed with that knowledge, it all falls into place.


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