Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A Blanket Apology, by George!

Another music night with local band, Blanket Apology, in the George Hotel on the corner of Duke Street and Cemetery Road this Saturday the 29 May from around 8pm. The band will feature two lead singers, Derek and Jan, and there will also be an opportunity for you to perform during the open mike spot. As well as all that, there will be authentic belly dancing from Maryem, who is from Egypt. (You can see a small picture of her if you click on the "Events" link to the left.)

The music is always good from this experienced band with - on this occasion - two great singers, and I'd be there myself clutching my guitar if I wasn't away for my sister's birthday in Hampshire. The George is a friendly local, much improved from the old reputation it used to have; if only it had real ale, but the Guinness is well kept.

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  1. Thanks for the promotion Nev. Nice pub, friendly staff, great bands but shame about the beer. But not a problem as I'm driving.


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