Friday, 7 May 2010

Burscough pub saved

On our travels collecting adverts for Ale & Hearty (the local CAMRA magazine), Fred and I were rather impressed by the Hop Vine in Burscough.

This pub was formerly known as the Royal Coaching House before its closure and did not have a good reputation among real ale drinkers. It was reopened by Mike and Julie, and has been tastefully redecorated throughout. The old pool room is now a side room that can be used as a function room. The food is well thought of by regulars, and there several real ales on: Theakstons Bitter, Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew and Hop Vine, a house beer brewed by Prospect of Wigan, are always on with changing guests. There is a courtyard to the rear, which will be nice to sit in when the weather’s better, and plans are well developed to open a microbrewery in the outhouses. This would be only the second brewery in our local CAMRA branch’s area, and will be a very welcome development.

They are holding their first beer festival over the Whit weekend. Details should appear on their website soon.

Also, if you'd like hear to hear a great professional guitarist, Alan plays there on alternate (every 2 weeks) Sunday evenings between 6 and 8 pm, whilst you enjoy a meal or a pint. His next performance is on the 16th May. He does a wide range of tunes from most times in the past.

Finding it: the pub is on the main road through Burscough, the A59, and is a couple of hundred yards from Burscough Bridge station and about half a mile from Burscough Junction. The train journey from Southport is about 13 minutes. Postcode: L40 4BY.


  1. I really like the Hopvine, don't go that oftem as I live in Ormskirk but it's a cracker!

    Their Hop Vine Bitter is pretty good, I think it's brewed by the Prospect brewery but that might be complete drunken rubbish.

  2. No, it's definitely brewed by Prospect, and it's a fine pint.

  3. A brilliant pub, superb beer and such a friendly atmosphere! I hope Southport CAMRA are giving serious consideration to including the Hopvine in next years Good Beer Guide.

  4. Clive Pownceby9 May 2010 at 11:11

    An upstairs function room too, if I remember rightly? Useful for meetings. Good to see this pub (what was its name before the Coaching House? - that was a '70s change) restored to something decent. Wish something meaningful would happen to the big one by the canal which when I lived locally, was called the 'Packet House.'

  5. According to the web site the Hopvine was called the Royal Hotel, but that was even before my time!(1874)The Packet House, now know as the Waterfront, was given a re-vamp a few years ago. It was opened up and offered a dining area overlooking the canal, but as far as I am aware it does not offer a selection of real ales.

  6. Clive Pownceby9 May 2010 at 15:10

    Yes of course David, the pure and simple 'Royal' - I remember now. The Waterfront I think, is an opportunity missed. Wasn't it done up like a 19th sailing ship at one time? Brass plaque (trip hazard) screwed to the floor saying "Nelson fell here!" Ta-da!


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