Monday, 3 January 2011

Bar humbug

My local, the Guest House, has jars of humbugs behind the bar with Old Peculier labels on. Apparently it works something like a loyalty card from one of those overpriced cafés ~ drink 6 pints of Old Peculier and you get a free jar of humbugs. I think I'd prefer a free pint, but there you go. The problem is that, although the Old Peculier humbugs have been delivered, the beer hasn't. Still, they're a conversational piece while you're waiting to be served.

I think Google is losing the plot: I typed in 'Old Peculier humbug promotion' and a picture of a Norah Jones CD cover came up.

While I was in the Guest House last evening with several friends, the subject of the Baron's Bar Beer Competition arose, and the fact that I am to be one of the judges. "Just don't be like Judge Dregs," said one.

"Yes! Ditch RedNev," said another, "be Judge Dregs from now on."

With friends like these ...


  1. When I was a student in .....err.....well quite a long time ago in Edinburgh, the Beehive on the Grassmarket sold Old Peculiar, that was way back when Theakstons was Theakstons. We regarded as a dangerous pleasure to be treated with care. We certainly wouldn't have drunk 6 pints of it. Now a days it just doesn't seen such a wild brew - perhaps I've become used to stronger beer (anyway drinking 6 pints of anything in one go just isn't going to happen very often these days for me)

    Maybe Norah jones likes the occasional pint of Old Peculiar.

  2. I once drank 7 pints of Old Peculier at lunchtime in the 80s in The Windmill here in Southport. I was supposed to meet some friends in the pub that evening, but woke up at home 10 minutes before closing time.

  3. A few years ago we stayed at the Watermill at Ings. As we were having a few pre-meal drinks in the bar the local rugby club called in on their way home from an away fixture. After a few pints they decided to finish off with a "boatrace", drinking, yes you've guessed it, pints of Old Peculiar. The pints were very quickly downed and they left, leaving a rather wet bar floor as they set off for their own club house.

    My first experience of Old Peculiar was in the mid seventies when it was sold at the Swan, in Wood Sreet. This was before it was opened up, and was a series of little rooms with a piano somewhere in the back. One particular bar maid would always say, "There you go love, a pint of Puke" as she handed over your beer!

  4. I too remember the Swan when it had little rooms. It was knocked through in around 1980, give or take a year or so.

    That definitely sounds like an authentic Liverpool barmaid.


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