Thursday, 13 January 2011

Microbrewery updates

From the far flung edges of the ReARM empire (Wigan), Ken Worthington has updated me on two microbreweries I have recently written about.

The Lower Angel (far right) in the 1970s.
Notice the old Walker's sign.
The micro in the Lower Angel, Buttermarket Street, Warrington (previous post here), will be in a converted outhouse at the back of the pub. They're going to call it Tipsy Angel, and are hoping to recreate a version of the old Tetley Walker bitter. As I recall from my Warrington days, the Tetley brewery in Warrington brewed mostly Tetley beers, but also some of the old Walker's Bitter, which we used to seek out as we much preferred it to the Tetley's. If it's this, it may be interesting; I wonder whether they'll use the old Walker's name.

There is also a brewery in the Tavern, Church Street, Warrington, (formerly Wilkie's Tavern), but I have no further details.  Warrington is certainly looking up from the days when we sought any escape from Greenall Whitley beers in the 70s.

The Wayfarer's microbrewery application for premises in Alder Lane, Parbold (previous post here), has received approval, and the brewery will be called the Problem Child Brewery. However, work hasn't begun as the pub was so busy over the holiday period they haven't had a chance to clean out the cottage which will house the brewery. I'm sure they'll get there.

Now we can only hope that we'll get a chance to try these new beers, seeing how pub companies prefer to exclude any beers not on their 'approved' lists. I don't think such behaviour should be legal, but that's a different issue.

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