Monday, 26 October 2015

Roscoe Head campaign

There has so far been no progress in the campaign to ensure the future of the Roscoe Head in Roscoe Street, Liverpool 1. The assurances provided by New River, the property developers who have bought this pub, one of only five in every Good Beer Guide, are wholly inadequate. As I previously wrote:

The only assurance New River have given is that there are no plans to redevelop the Roscoe Head ... into convenience stores "at this stage". There is no guarantee about conversion into something other than a convenience store, or how long "this stage" will last.

The campaign is being stepped up. There will be another rally at the pub at 12.30 pm on Saturday 7 November, which will attended by CAMRA's National Chair, Colin Valentine, which is a measure how seriously CAMRA is taking this issue. There may be some music, but at any event Liverpool Branch are hoping for a good, vociferous turnout. I'll be there certainly.

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  1. It's their property they can do with it what they like surely? if you want to do what you want with it, make them an offer?

    1. What a shame you didn't read my previous posts on this subject before making yourself look foolish, Anon.

      In general, you can't do what you like with a building, even if you do own it. There is something called planning permission. However, owing to a loophole, you can change the use of a pub without planning permission, unless it is registered as an Asset of Community Value (ACV), which the Roscoe Head now is. That is a help, but isn't an absolute guarantee against change of use. However, even though you own a pub, you can't demolish it without planning permission. Your first sentence is therefore factually incorrect.

      As for your second sentence suggesting buying the Roscoe Head, the licensee has offered to buy the pub three times, and the owners refused to sell each time. If you'd read my previous posts on the Roscoe Head, you'd have known this.


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