Tuesday, 12 June 2018

An alcohol-free GBBF?

I've received this in an e-mail from CAMRA about the GBBF:
Thanks to Dutch-based Braxzz Brewery we're offering an alcohol-free beer range for the very first time at the festival. A recent newcomer into the alcohol-free & low-alcohol category, they'll be bringing their alcohol-free IPA, Amber Ale and the world’s very first alcohol-free porter at 0.0% ABV. You will have a chance to sample this and the rest of their core range throughout the festival week, so don’t miss out.
I have nothing in principle against the idea of alcohol-free beer being available, but the cost of a day ticket to the GBBF is £11 (plus booking fee) or £14 on the door; I really do wonder how many people are going to pay that much to enter a festival just to drink alcohol-free beer?


  1. OK, I know that non-real ale is now acceptable at CAMRA festivals, but surely by definition an alcohol-free beer can't undergo a secondary fermentation. Its status is effectively the same as that of soft drinks.

  2. I don't really see the point, but in the brave new world of post "revitalisation" CAMRA, nothing is possible!

    1. The joys of predictive text! That last line should have ended "anything is possible!"

    2. What is the point of having soft drinks at a beer festival?

  3. I liked your first version, Paul!

    I agree Curmudgeon. Especially when you have to pay £11+ for the privilege.


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