Tuesday 15 September 2009

Higsons to return ~ yet again?

On a trip yesterday to return an empty cask to Liverpool Organic Brewery after the Southport beer festival, a chat with the brewer revealed that they are planning to try to recreate Higsons bitter. An attempt a couple of years ago failed as the company concerned went bankrupt. I wrote about the disappearance of the revived Higsons in May.

There are a couple of problems in trying to bring back Higsons because some of the hops used by the original Higsons brewery are no longer available, and the original yeast strain has died out. However, it may well be that Liverpool Organic Brewery are better placed to be able to refine the beer and sustain it. They certainly seemed confident that they can get it right. Let's hope so; it would certainly be a pleasure to see this much-missed Liverpool beer being made again.

P.S. Glancing back at my original posting in May (link above), I notice that there have been a couple of comments added much more recently creating quite a controversy, including one from the Liverpool Organic Brewery itself about Higsons. I don't generally check very old postings for extra comments and finding these was a surprise.


  1. Yeast has died out? How so? I happen to know Higsons's yeast was deposited in the National Yeast Bank and to my mind, no original yeast. no original Higsons.

  2. I'll e-mail your comment to the brewery and let you know what they say.


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