Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Number 60 in the top 100!

I've received an e-mail from Wikio News saying that this blog has entered the Wikio UK Rankings. I've jumped straight in at 60 in the top 100 of wine and beer blogs. I'm quite surprised because I didn't think my little local blog about beer and music, mostly around the area where I live, would ever be on their radar. It's you who read ReARM who have done this ~ thanks very much.

The rankings are updated every month, so now I'm going to be on tenterhooks: will I go up or down? Or will I even drop out altogether and just be a one hit wonder?

If you want to look at the competition, just click on the Wikio badge on the right.

I'm ridiculously pleased with this, I suppose, seeing that my friend Tandleman is at number 7. Perhaps I need a "Kind Hearts And Coronets" approach to climbing this greasy pole!


  1. Congratulations, Nev - you deserve it for all your hard work on this blog (and mine). I wish you many more hits for the New year.

  2. It's a never-less-than-interesting, intelligently written read and always presenting a reasoned and informed view. As such it's required reading for all thinking persons. Well deserved and well done RedNev.

  3. Mr G, I suspected this kind of rational thinking would occur once the Wikio kids grasped your awe.

    Next? Get Ale and Hearty online. So simple to do, so effective for the local branch and getting RedNEV up the ranks.

    I predict top 20 by spring.

    Well done!

  4. Not a LOL in sight...........how refreshing!

  5. Thanks, folks, for the kind words. A&H on line is likely to be the next project.

    And no LOL on this blog is how it will stay!


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