Monday, 27 December 2010

Putting Roosters To The Sword

I took my 12-string guitar along to the Guest House on Boxing Day where the Southport Swords were concluding their customary day of dance. The pub was heaving with folkies, some of whom have left the area and aren't seen very often around here nowadays, so there's an element of reunion in this gathering. The Swords entertained the pub as usual, dominating proceedings while they danced, which they did in the pub because of the slippery conditions outside. After the folk musicians had disappeared, I played quite a few 50s and 60s pop and rock & roll numbers. It was all very jolly, made more so by the fine beer I was drinking: Roosters Oakey Cream 4.7%. It's a seasonal beer from the brewers of the popular Yankee, which tends to disappear quickly whenever it's on.

The website describes the beer thus: "Golden Promise malt. Hops are Liberty and Mount hood from USA. Nice, smooth, easy drinking beer with spicy aroma. Some vanilla oak flavour." In so far as I can relate to tasting notes, that seems not far from the mark. I'm hoping there'll be some left when I go along to the Guest House tonight.

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  1. There wasn't any left when I went yesterday evening, so I resorted to Everards Sleighbell.


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