Friday, 20 May 2011

Hop Vine Beer Festival

I try to record local beer festivals on my beer festivals page, but would like to mention one in particular.  The Hop Vine in Burscough is holding its 2nd Beer Festival from 27th to 30th May, describing it as "a truly fabulous festival of fine ales & live music". 

The Hop Vine is a fine pub on Liverpool Road North a couple of hundred yards from Burscough Bridge station and half a mile from Burscough Junction.  It always has a good range of beers anyway, and in November 2010 a microbrewery was opened in an outhouse to the rear.  The last time I mentioned this, one of the owners of the Burscough Brewery pointed out to me that it is a separate business from the pub.  I already knew that, but didn't think it was relevant for drinking purposes, and I also know that one of the owners of the brewery business is also one of the owners of the pub business.  Still, the record is now straight.

A beer festival in a pub with a microbrewery is unique in this area; it's a short train journey from Southport on the Southport-Wigan-Manchester line.  I intend to get there next week.

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