Monday, 9 May 2011

Thursday night is music night!

A choice of events this Thursday:

Lion singaround
My monthly singaround in this nice little pub takes place this Thursday from around 8-30 pm.  Free - performers welcome.  The Lion is just yards from Moorfields Station in Liverpool and serves up to 8 well-kept real ales.

Grateful Fred's
The monthly acoustic and roots club presents Joanna Chapman-Smith, with support from Tony Kehoe and Cholesterol Myths. Tickets can be bought on-line here.  It's at the Freshfield Hotel, Massams Lane, Formby, a short walk from Freshfield Station, and the pub sells 10 real ales.


  1. Really enjoyed the singaround on Thursday; and what an excellent setting for it.
    PS The ale was pretty good too! Hope to see you again next month.


  2. It was good a good night - slightly chaotic, but I prefer the informality. Thanks for coming along and joining in.

  3. "Slightly chaotic" suits me just fine! I note the Superinjunction you have served on this blog - does that mean that I must delete anything I sang with reference to a certain Health Minister whose name I can't reveal in connection with a policy of ill repute?


  4. Well, you can't come to the next singaround if you're in Walton Gaol!


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