Wednesday 18 May 2011

Sandgrounder in Parliament

I've just noticed from our local free paper that the Southport Brewery has been asked to send some of its Sandgrounder Bitter (3.8%) to the Strangers Bar in the Houses of Parliament.  It was Southport MP, John Pugh, who suggested that the bar put it on as a guest ale; it's good to see our representative pushing local products, especially as Southport beers tend to be sold mostly around this area and are not usually seen in London.

My own visits to the Strangers Bar were years ago when I was taken there for a pint by whichever MP I had been lobbying - the late Eric Heffer on one memorable occasion.  I forget what the beers were, but they weren't real ales in those days.  However, I was slightly surprised on one visit when my MP host took me for a cup of tea, nice though it was to drink tea on the terrace with its wonderful view of the London waterfront.  And it was a nice sunny day.

Well done Southport Brewery.  Fingers crossed for a repeat order.

'Sandgrounder' is the local term for a native of Southport. Coming from Liverpool, I don't qualify.


  1. Strange choice, Golden Sands 2009 Champion Beer finalist seems a better choice.

  2. That thought crossed my mind too.


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