Sunday, 22 May 2011

Mostly Autumn at Bury Met

Mostly Autumn in action
I went to a great concert last night at the Bury Met:  Mostly Autumn, whom I've never seen live before, although I've got a couple of their CDs.  I met some friends there that I used to work with in Norris Green in Liverpool;  I'd not seen them for a couple of years, so it was a pity I was driving, as a few reunion drinks would have gone down well.

I suppose you could call Mostly Autumn classic rock, some people call them progressive rock, but they're not a covers band.  There are hints of Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, but mainly it's their own sound, with varied tones from quiet piano-led songs to anthemic rock ballads, and equally varied subject matter.  Although they can rock out, they don't play heavy metal

It's a seven piece band:  five men and two women, with guitarist Bryan and singer Olivia sharing lead vocal duties, although more falls to her.  Anne-Marie sings backing vocals, plays keyboards and flute, and has a couple of flute solos, which is a bit unusual.  The rest of the band consists of the usual two guitars, bass and drums.  They were well-received by an enthusiastic audience, with most of them more familiar with the material than I was.  They played for more than two and a half hours, not including the short break they took half way.  If you like good classic rock and you notice this outfit playing, give them a go.  I feel that if they'd been around 25 years ago, they'd have been massive, but as their style of music isn't currently fashionable, you can see them for £15.

I worked at the Bury beer festival in the Met every year for about 15 years, but this is the first time I've been to a concert there; it's changed a bit inside.  Looking at their programme, I see they put some good acts on that I'd go to if it were more local.  It has a real ale bar downstairs, and the Robert Peel (Wetherspoons) and the Two Tubs are just across the square, both also with real ale.

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  1. The Met does put some good, and quite well known, acts on. I was last there to see Mike Harding and the Lancashire Hotpots will be next up.


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