Tuesday, 3 May 2011

In the spirit

As previously posted, the Lunchtime Legends played a fundraiser for the Firefighters Charity at the Bay Horse in Adlington, near Chorley.  There had been stalls in the pub throughout the day followed by a hog roast to help raise money, but our bit was in the evening.  It was a good night; we got some nice comments about our songs, there was a quiz in which most of the questions had a fire-related theme, and real ale.  Nothing spectacular - Adnams Bitter, Jennings Cumberland, and Abbot Ale as a guest, all in good condition.  The Abbot sold out first, which suggested to me that a stronger beer as a regular might go down well there.  The pub is old and stone-walled, with a well-kept bowling green and is surrounded on most sides by fields.

I did feel a few people didn't get into the spirit of the evening when they had their phones out to find out the answers to the quiz - is a pub quiz (especially one for a charity) that important?  And it's interesting that some people are so divorced from live music that they don't know how to react when they enter are a pub and find themselves unexpectedly faced with a band playing a few feet in front of them, rather than on a stage 200 yards away or on TV.  Vaguely embarrassed, they suddenly adopt fixed grins to show they are good sports, well able to deal with this eccentricity before their eyes, and scuttle out of sight.  Others walk past staring straight ahead, as if avoiding looking at something squashed on the road.  Quite funny, really.

Still, it was an enjoyable night overall, and the whole event raised more than £750 for the charity.

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