Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Lost pub - The Villiers, Liverpool

The Villiers was a quaint old pub in Liverpool on the corner of Elliott Street and Market Street.  It was like a local in the city centre, in much the same way that the nearby Globe still is.  It served the excellent original Higson's (brewery closed by Whitbread, like so many others).  I remember its steep stairs down to the gents which became more perilous after a few pints. 

The last time I was in there was in May 1985 with my friend Pete (known to beer bloggers as Tandleman).  We had just returned from our union (SCPS) conference in Eastbourne, a 7-day affair in those days that really taxed your stamina, especially with all the keg beer in the hotel bars where most of the union socials took place.  I recall one morning coming down for breakfast in my hotel to see a coterie of Scots who were still drinking around the bar from the social the evening before (I'd hit the sack at around 3.30 am). 

Pete and I went into the Villiers for a drink or two before going our separate ways - him in Liverpool and me home to Southport.  Later that year it was demolished to make way for the Clayton Square shopping centre.


  1. I was in there the night before it closed. A classic pub serving superb beer. My wife, who isn't that clued up on these things, refers to any old fashioned pub serving real ale by asking "Is it called The Villiers?"

  2. My Mum worked in the Villiers during
    WW2. It was run by the Shepherd Family.
    I remember being taken there for a
    lemonade when I was little. We were
    registered in Brooks Grocers opposite
    (rationing!) so Mum would go into town
    once a week to shop.

  3. Fond memories there by the sound of it, Anon.

  4. I first visited Villiers in 1980 with friends Mike and Derek. Also visited a few times with "Uncle Len" en route to the Grand National. A super little pub, bags of character, great Higson's ales, and I still remember those steps down to the toilets. No doubt a much missed establishment, but Liverpool is fortunate in that there are still several decent pubs like this left in the city - many city centres these days are no-go zones if you are looking for a proper pub.

  5. My mum said that during the Blitz, there was a large
    blaze behind the pub. The firemen were determined
    to save the pub and managed to do so. Hitler failed
    but the developers succeeded unfortunately.

  6. Sadly true, and not just of this pub.


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