Thursday, 17 December 2015

Bad Reputation

I realised this evening that I have a certain reputation with the staff in my local when the fact that I had bought a half pint became a talking point behind the bar!

Which reminded me of this great song by Thin Lizzy (from the John Peel sessions):


  1. Any excuse for Lizzy ! Seems surprising looking back that they played Peel, wouldn't have happened after '77.

    Half-pints ? All OK ?

  2. In 1976, Peel's favourite song was briefly "Rose of Cimarron" by Poco.

    In the early 70s his show featured plenty of sessions by prog, folk-rock and hard rock acts which he would later turn his back on.

  3. I'm fine, thanks, Martin - just a swift half (after several pints) before I rushed for the last bus.

    I agree, CM: John Peel used to champion a range of music, including folk rockers Fairport Convention, but I found his show virtually unlistenable after 1977.

  4. Yeah saw the great Lizzy many times. For me Peel lasted a little longer but eventually seemed to lose the plot altogether. Or perhaps I grew up!


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