Monday 7 December 2015

Fred McCormick

I've just returned home from the funeral of Fred McCormick, folk singer, trade unionist and socialist; the chapel at Landican Crematorium was packed with friends and family, including many stalwarts of the local folk scene. Fred was a regular at my acoustic song session in the Lion in Liverpool and also at the Belvedere sessions, but his reach was much greater than that. He was also a lover of jazz and blues, and the local jazz scene also honoured his passing.

Peta Webb gave a beautiful rendition of the traditional Irish song 'Our Ship Is Ready'. Afterwards in Misty Blues in Wallasey, Ken Hall sang one of Fred's own songs, the comic 'The Bacon Butty Song', which lightened the mood, followed by several rousing songs from the Socialist Singers.

All in all, a suitable send-off.

RIP, Fred.


  1. Do you go to the Belvedere? I was on a part-time contract for a year & kept saying I'd go, but never managed it - now I'm full-time (& "no holidays in term time"). I'll get there some day!

    I never met Fred, but people I respect spoke highly of him - sounds like a great loss.

  2. I've yet to get to the Belvedere; I hope to in the New Year.

    You're right: he will certainly be missed.


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