Tuesday 16 September 2014

Local Good Beer Guide pubs 2015

The CAMRA Good Beer Guide (GBG) is fully revised and updated every year and lists the pubs across the UK that serve the best real ale as determined by drinkers on the ground, the local CAMRA members. This means every pub has been recommended by people who know a thing or two about good beer. The 2015 GBG has been recently published and is now available in all good book shops, or if you prefer you can buy it on-line here

While you're waiting for your guide to be delivered, here is a complete list of all the GBG pubs in the Southport, Formby and West Lancashire area.
Happy drinking!


  1. £16.99 for a big book.

    Spoons pub phone app, free.


    1. Only a tenner to beard club members such as yourself, Cookie :p

    2. 10 quid? That's 5 pints of old brewery and a bag of nuts. I know which is of more use.

    3. Oh an I've got an idea for a book. I'd like you to go out and do all the graft and research. When you've done that I'll slap my name on the cover. Don't worry, I'll charge you a discounted rate of a tenner for a copy. Not as big a discount as I'll give Amazon but you can buy it cheaper than the RRP.

    4. Even better, CL: you then impose a rule whereby those who collated the material (i.e. did all the work) are forbidden to publish a complete list of their own GBG pubs - not even in their own newsletters or on their own websites. If this were an official CAMRA blog, I'd be in trouble with CAMRA.


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