Wednesday 17 September 2014

Tich Frier at the Bothy

The Bothy's guest this Sunday is Tich Frier. It might seem apposite to have a Scot as the guest at the Bothy in this particular week, especially as the Bothy itself is named after the tradition of singing Bothy ballads, which mostly come from the north east of Scotland. In fact it's just a coincidence and anyway folk music recognises no national boundaries.

It's more than forty years since Tich began singing folk songs in his home town of Edinburgh. In that time he has established an enviable reputation as a first class entertainer, and he is held in high regard for his powerful and passionate singing, skilled guitar work and inspired sense of fun.

His repertoire can best be described as eclectic. It ranges through traditional and modern Scottish songs, Burns, his own compositions, parodies, music hall songs and contemporary classics, all linked together with his inventive off the cuff stories.

What they've said about Tich:
  • "Inspired and energetic" (The Herald).
  • "Spiked with humour and full of heart" (The Scotsman).
  • "Uniformly positive to effusive reports from members". Acoustic Music Club, Kirkcaldy. Fife.
  • "Makes Burns come alive in verse, music and song." - Bill Nolan, Director, Eglinton Burns Club
  • "A great night, can we do it again next year?" Guisborough Folk Club.
That's this Sunday 21 September at 8pm in the Park Golf Club, Park Road West, Southport, PR9 0JS, a real ale venue. Tickets on the door or on-line here.


  1. I remember booking Tich and Davey for £1 10/- many years ago! Happy days.

    1. That'd be Davey Johnstone who subsequently joined Elton John's band.


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