Friday 12 September 2014

Parker Centurion Citrale

I finally got round to trying a Parker Brewery beer recently. Parker is a new brewery in Formby which currently produces only bottled beers. There are three in the range, all bottled conditioned and all alliteratively named:
  • Barbarian Bitter (4.2%).
  • Dark Spartan Stout (5.0%).
  • Centurion Citrale (3.9%).
I was in the Tap and Bottles and decided to try out the Citrale. I don't drink much bottled beer as I generally prefer draught, but needs must. It was well-carbonated and retained its condition. The predominant taste for me was the citrus - just as well given the name - with something of a bitter aftertaste. All in all, a pleasant bottled beer which is quite superior to the "4 for a fiver" offerings in supermarkets. Ian Wareing, a former local CAMRA chair who knows his beers, described the stout as "bloody lovely".

I understand that, as they want to brew cask ales, they are looking for alternative premises (the beer is currently brewed at home); one site being considered was in Churchtown in north Southport. I look forward to seeing their draught beers on the bar.

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