Sunday 14 September 2014

The power of the press

I do love the local press!

The Southport Visiter kindly published a mention of my pub singaround in the Guest House as "the Bothy Folk Club moves to the Guest House". I pointed out that the Bothy had not moved and was still in the Park Golf Club, and that my singaround is not an official Bothy event.

To be fair, they subsequently published a correction about my singaround in the Guest House, but - believe it or not - wrote that it takes place in the Park Golf Club. No, my Guest House session is always in the Guest House.

In a separate development, they published an article about the Bothy's most recent guest artists as being on Tuesday 9th, when they were on Sunday 7th - the Bothy is always on Sunday. I hope no one turned up on the wrong day.

I don't think I'll ask for another correction, as heaven knows what they'd say next.


  1. Nev - send this as a link to the Viz and see what happens.

  2. I've also put it on Facebook and linked it to Andrew Brown, the Vis' editor (a FB friend).

  3. Ah, the local papers. The Lancashire Evening Post said I was "the proud owner of 4 cats", despite not owning any cats and not being proud of them.

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